Educational Thoughts

The best way to getting ahead in life is by starting early.  Get a head start on their path to success in life with these tips:

1.  Take night courses at your local college. Even though you may have your degree and a successful career in life….that doesn’t mean that your education should stop.  Take a few hours out of your busy schedule every week and take a community college night course at your local school.  Even if it’s in a mundane subject, the potential business contacts could prove worthwhile.

2.  Limit your time on the internet.  While this may see like a no-brainer, unless you are doing academic research, playing around on the internet (without doing any specific work) can only cause you to waste your time.  Proper time management skills dictate that if you aren’t working online, then stay off Facebook/etc.

3.  Join various organizations.  Organizations such as Toastmasters and other “social groups” can provide valuable speaking experience, not to mention opening up the flood gates for potential contacts in your local area. Join a local Toastmasters group and you may be able to improve your public speaking skills in 6 months.  Not to mention obtain several new contacts (which usually result in contracts) for your business.

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