Homework Tips


As a parent, helping your child with their homework is a necessary part of parenthood. But it can be difficult to help with homework when you’re not a natural teacher. Here are some tips that can help you create a conducive environment for homework:

1. Set up a routine: Kids thrive on routines, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make completing their homework a regular part of their schedule.

2. Prepare an environment that fosters learning: Turn off the television, radio, video games and anything else that may be a distraction. Your kids need to focus on the task at hand, and there should be nothing that distracts them from doing so (the same goes for you, the parent, as well!).

3. Introduce your child to bountiful resources available at the library: One of the most important abilities a child in school should have is to be resourceful. They need to learn how to find the information they require to complete their homework, so introduce them to the library and reliable sites online.

4. Know what’s going on at school and what homework needs to be completed: Parents should be kept up to date with what assignments have been given to students and what activities are going on. This way, you’ll always know what needs to be done, and your children won’t be able to lie.

5. Complement your child’s natural learning process: Not every kid learns in the same way, just like adults. Some kids may learn from doing or reading, while others may learn from listening. Figure out how your child learns naturally first. Then, you’ll be able to help with their homework more effectively.

6. Encourage your children: No matter how old your kids are, encouragement is always appreciated. Encourage your children by complimenting them on tasks completed and gently correcting mistakes. This creates a great environment for learning!

7.  Be a Role Model: A lot of what kids do is learned behaviour, and parents tend to be their first resource for this. If you want your kids to be dutiful in completing their homework, you should also complete tasks that need doing rather than procrastinating or ignoring them.

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