Yury Mintskovsky – Education

Education played a huge part in Yury Mintskovsky’s formation as an established businessman. He followed his dream and passion by attending Computer Science at the University of Texas. He’s always experimented with ways of both making money online but also helping people with his creations, so he would often dabble in affiliate marketing websites, trying out different niches, but also creating widgets, plugins and small software. He fell in love with algorithms and the way they worked, always experimenting and trying to solve computational complexities in unorthodox ways. He wanted to break the mold, to discover and invent, so his latter years involved him creating software that would automate tasks that would otherwise require human input.

His thirst for knowledge unquenchable, he studied endlessly and finished the 4 year University of Texas in Austin prestigious Computer Science degree in just 3 years, jokingly saying: “Guess I was in too much of a hurry to get into the business world and make my mark. My friends were enjoying all Austin had to offer while I mostly saw inside of it’s libraries.”

He understood his colleagues, but what he really wanted was to start his business and finally play in the “Big League”. Business was his idea of a good time, always hoping to finally put his ideas and innovations in motion.

He had the IT knowledge to back up his business ideas but he needed those much required management skills, so he attended and completed University of Dallas MBA while also working full time at Texas Instruments.

This job allowed him to actually connect with the general public towards which his latter products and businesses will be aimed at. He noticed trends in people buying software, as well as positive and negative aspects of how the software was actually used by them, and that’s where he saw options of improvement and business ideas.

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