School: Learn To Love It

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Is there a child in your life who hates going to school? Day in and day out, they complain about having to go as well as complete the homework they’ve been assigned when they come home. As a parent, you may even feel guilty for sending your child to school, as it’s a place that they just have to attend.

Teach your child to love school by finding out first the reason why they hate it.

Classmates, Friends and Other Social Problems
School isn’t just for education. One of the most important aspects of school is socialization, and spending several hours of the day with the same people for most of the week. Some children who fail to forge relationships are don’t know how to navigate social constructs may become unhappy and isolated.

To improve this area, the child must learn to improve their social experiences. You can help your child do this by signing them up for an after school activity in a subject that is of interest to them. An arts class, gymnastics, martial arts or something like that can boost self confidence by nourishing a talent that has been neglected. By boosting self confidence, your child may have a better ability to make friends at their school.

Problems with the teacher
Although teachers are trained to teach all sorts of kids, sometimes, they can’t get through to some. There may also be a personality conflict between the teacher and child. As a parent, find out if this is the reason why your child doesn’t like school, then talk to the teacher directly about the situation. Don’t place blame! Remember, the most important thing to do is to resolve the situation rather than place blame or foster negativity.

Learning Disability
It can be frustrating for a child who doesn’t understand what’s being taught. When a child can’t understand the topics taught, fails at schoolwork and consistently gets low grades, there may be a problem that is more than just misbehaviour. It may mean that your child has a learning disability. Dyslexia and hearing problems can seriously impede the learning process, and it’s vital that you find out if this is the source of frustration for your child.

By addressing this problems, your child will soon be able to enjoy school again!

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