iPad Tools For Education

Hot news from Yury Mintskovsky:

Computer giant Apple is announcing today that they’ll be providing wider variety of learning materials for students, specifically for those from kindergarten to grade 12. The unveiling is set to take place in New York at a scheduled media event later this morning, by Eddy Cue, the chief of Apple Internet Software.

The move is an attempt to make the iPad a lighter, more compact and less expensive alternative to textbooks. (As a side note, the textbook industry rakes in $10 billion annually!)

A single iPad has the ability to replace all of the textbooks in a student’s lifetime, since new materials may simply be downloaded via the internet. The new software tools will enable educators to publish learning materials more easily than ever before, whether they’re a single teacher or a multinational publishing house. Apple hopes that by introducing these new easy-to-use tools, even self-publishers will be able to take advantage of them.

Not Just For Teachers, Though
The new software will also be aimed at historians, linguists, and other scholars who hope to release their own works to the public, without being restricted by the rules of a hired book publisher. Self-publishing their works is surely to have a great impact on our collective knowledge!

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